Gabriel Mendes Photography



  • Gabriel is about passion and soul.

  • Gabriel is a Chinese.

  • Gabriel is a left-hander.

  • Gabriel uses Nikon gear.

  • Gabriel shoots alone without 2nd shooter/assistant.

  • Gabriel loves shooting family portraits.

  • Gabriel loves indie music

  • Gabriel loves his wonderful wife who is always so supportive.

  • Gabriel have 4 children!

  • Gabriel loves to travel.

  • Gabriel doesn't know how to drive.

  • Gabriel believes that laughing is the best calorie burner.

  • Gabriel believes that happy couples are the prettiest couples.

  • Gabriel believes everyone has their own unique and specific story to tell.

  • Gabriel belongs and co-founded a world-class collective of wedding photographers called WPN - Wedding Photographers' Network

  • Gabriel's goal: To tell the story of your wedding day through an artistic documentary approach.

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